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Hey, i'm Tom! I tend to upload remixes of popular Newgrounds songs such as Geometry Dash songs or other great audio by MDK, Waterflame, F-777, DJVI and the like.

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FlashFyre's News

Posted by FlashFyre - 2 days ago

Might be a bit busy, but there are several remixes I want to do soon, but I can't decide what order!

Vote here -> https://www.strawpoll.me/15516939


(After I've done whichever of those, i'll do a doctor who theme remix)

(OR ill just ignore everything and do something which isn't what people voted lmao)

Posted by FlashFyre - 2 weeks ago

So, after I changed my username to FlashFyre, none of my songs after that would work in GD due to the system Rob put in back in February last year. It's a great system, except for this lol. Anyway, some time last year I shot him an email explaining my situation, and he got back to me recently, so adding me to the database of people whose music works. So yeah, thank you Rob for that! Better late than never, you know what they say.

As a side note, you may of course use all my music in Geometry Dash, although I'd prefer it if when you publish your level or it gets verified, you shoot me a pm! But yeah, your choice. 

Additionally,  set myself a target to have 50 followers by the end of the year. Considering I gained like 20 ish in 3 months, I can probably meet that, and I didn't realise that that was a low target!

So that's about it! Hopefully anyone reading this enjoys my music as much as I like making it (Great F-777 quote).

Posted by FlashFyre - 2 weeks ago

Currently I feel like experimenting with original songs, so right now I'm just making a random repetitive house song. Having got lots of inspiration recently, remixes are second priority, although I do stll have plans for them. Apart from this house song, I also have a couple of others in the works.

Posted by FlashFyre - 1 month ago

I'm taking a lil break at the moment, BUT, I do have some plans for the future.

- The usual remixes (Final Battle, Snowdown, Machina etc)
-  2018 Editions of some of my old songs
- Obviously gonna do some more of this ambient music for Planet Bound, next is adventure-style music for Ronne

And one new thing I might do. Back in the day (well, actually only 3 years ago but it feels like a long time) before I knew how to make music properly, all my "songs" were just loops and shit. I did actually upload them to Newgrounds, but eventually deleted every single one and vowed to learn how to make music properly. Anyway, some of the loops were actually pretty sick. They're garageband ones so it should be fine to rework them into a full song. Anyway yeah, my plan is to take parts of the melody from those and use them somehow. :) ALSO just to make this clear I AM NOT including only the melodies from the loops from ages ago, I am adding my own stuff too - I learnt my lesson two years ago. 

These songs will include: Lightning Rod (Powerful supersaws & electro leads), Dubstep Reactor (dubstep :/ ), War's End (trance).

Posted by FlashFyre - March 11th, 2018

So this Can't Let Go Mashup is coming along hella nicely. Parts of it are that wonderful piano from Can't Let Go, other parts are grimey electro and there are elements and melodies from Can't Let Go, Sonic Blaster, Cycles, and Fingerbang so far ;)

Might post a preview soon!

Posted by FlashFyre - March 9th, 2018

So today DJVI released Can't Let Go 2.0. And dayummmmm no complaints, it made my day. Now, due to this release, I really want to revisit Can't Let Go. 

So, this is what I have in mind. An extra long mashup of several E Minor songs, primarily Can't Let Go. Sound good!?!?!?!?

EDIT: Oh yeah, the mashup will include parts of Can't Let Go, Fingerbang, Absolute Zero, Sonic Blaster, and possibly some more songs >:)

Posted by FlashFyre - March 4th, 2018

Title says it all really. No idea whether any mod developers like it yet, but hey, thought I'd show anyone looking at my newgrounds account https://instaud.io/1Rpo

Posted by FlashFyre - March 1st, 2018

So apart from doing my regular stuff, I am currently asking some minecraft mod developers about music for their quite well known mods. This may/may not be uploaded here, and it will likely be more of an ambient style. My aim for tommorow is to start on that and finish a remix ;)

Posted by FlashFyre - February 27th, 2018

Yeah as you can probably tell I am a bit out of ideas recently :P

Posted by FlashFyre - February 6th, 2018

Going to be remixing this awesome song by Ectisity https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/738752


I am also doing a Deadlocked remix, but I probably won't release that anytime soon. Then i'll probs make some more original songs ;) possibly with my new presets