Jan 1st Uploads

2017-12-11 13:17:45 by FlashFyre

Oh boi, I am hyped.

On January 1st I will be uploading most if not all of these:

- MDK Fingerbang Remix

- ParagonX9 Chaoz Impact Remix

- DJVI  Reapers Remix

- MDK Altitude Remix (Work in progress, might not happen)

- DJVI Can't Let Go Remix

- Jingle Bells Remix

- Saltrider

- Space Race

- Warpspeed


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2017-12-11 23:58:16

"ParagonX9 Chaoz Impact Remix"
the track that I really wait for ;)

(Updated ) FlashFyre responds:

Yeah i'll be doing some work in on it rn :)

I'll try not to disappoint you xD