A delay... but in a good way.

2017-12-13 01:50:59 by FlashFyre

After looking at my original Chaoz Impact remix, I realised it could do with an improvement, so I started it again from scratch. Right now i'm looking at a decent FL Project with slightly detuned hypersaws, choppy vox samples and funky arps.



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2017-12-13 05:42:45

Eh, 2.68 was probably too low

I thought it was a good track I wanted to use it in something but I was thinking a second take might definitely do the trick

(Updated ) FlashFyre responds:

Sorry, what are you referring to exactly?


2017-12-13 12:07:25

You will improve your remix because I'm waiting it? xD
If yes, thank you :]

FlashFyre responds:

Yeah lol :) I decided to completly re-do it from scratch, and it sounds a lot better now xD

I actually have a link to a sneek peek version - https://instaud.io/1xhx

This is not the finished product, but i'm getting there :)