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This is the weirdest but coolest thing I have ever seen.

But what's with the tags xD

WOW. This is awesome! I'm definitely looking out for more of your animations!

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Nearly perfect.
Just keep the music going all the way through and
Work on the lag spikes! My computer has an i7 processor, and I get a lot of lag spikes for some reason!

Addictive, but terrible gameplay. For starters, the text bubbles are WAY too big, you can't even see what you are doing, also, levels 2-6 are all really similar difficulty, and don't progress enough. Up to level 6 it's like this: Really easy, hard, hard, hard, hard, hard. The graphics are nice. But there is no tutorial explaining the mechanics and different guards.

The game has a lot of potential, it's just currently terrible and doesn't deserve an average rating of 4 stars.

Too much lag. And I have a good computer and a good wifi.

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It’s pretty good. A really good house track, very typical djvi house. The arcade arp you add in was a very nice surprise that I didn’t expect at all. The ducking lead after it is a nice change too, and boii that snare is awesome. Nice build up... perhaps differentiate the second drop more? I always find this with your songs, the drops are almost always identical. They aren’t bad, but it’s a shame. This is why Reapers will continue to be one of my favourite songs of yours.

As for the vocals, they are definitely an improvement, but I would not be able to make out the words had you not put them in the description. The lyrics are still kind of mumbled. But it’s an improvement, it while adding them under the leads during the drop isn’t something I personally like, it was pretty nice and I can see why you did it.

PS Can you make some pumping songs back like the good ol days, like Rippers and Explore the core? All of your new songs kind of end up the same... they pretty much always use the same leads in the drop. I hope to see some awesome stuff from you in the new year.

PPS where is the lead from rippers and explore the core actually from? If it’s made in serum or massive I’d be greatful if you sent me the preset, because that sound is awesome and I want to play around with it myself. One of these days I am going to try out making a song in your style and see how it turns out :P xD

DJVI responds:

Thanks for the review! :) The leads from Rippers and Explore the core are mostly from refx Nexus. I may have layered them with some basic Sylenth saw leads but the charasteric sounds are from Nexus.

I may make some good old techno in the future!

This really nice! Love the pads and stuff. If I had one criticism, it would be it gets quite repetitve, but I quite like that feel all the same. The new synths you introduced part way through were really nice.

Although I have to say, all the drums panned to the left make

IoTheEternal responds:

its from the game and thus it's meant to loop in all honesty. Originally the drum repeat at the end looped back into the beginning but then it sounded weird on its own so I cut it off so it's meant to loop but it's now abrupt so I took the loop function off. Honestly I could listen to this all day hehe..

I liked how the drums were panned to the left but the delay was panned to the right :)

thanks for the review!

-shawn (Chronamut)-

I much prefer this over the other one... the blippy effects are really nice, and the bass is noticeable yet not overpowering. The pads in the background are nice too, as well as the double lead melodies that go over each other. Nice one!

IoTheEternal responds:

well glad you like.. one of them hahaha :P

I actually prefer act one better - I find the doubling on this one gets a bit annoying after a while.. go figure hehe :P

thanks for the review!

-shawn (Chronamut)-

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I saw this as the wall art a few days ago, and wanted to say what a great image it was, but couldn't find where they moved the wall artist button to :P I don't know how it's possible to make something this freaking good. 10/10

MLeth responds:

Wohay, thank you!

Woah dude, this is amazing! How do you make stuff like this?

OrangeWedge responds:

Deep manipulation of pictures inside Adobe After Effects.
Stay tuned, many more to come in 2018!

Dude that is amazing.

Introduce a millennial with only a basic concept of mixing, mastering, music theory, arrangement and melody-making to FL Studio 20, Serum, Massive, Harmor, the Splice sample library (and a huge amount of awesome music producers) and this is what ya get.

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