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This is the weirdest but coolest thing I have ever seen.

But what's with the tags xD

WOW. This is awesome! I'm definitely looking out for more of your animations!

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Nearly perfect.
Just keep the music going all the way through and
Work on the lag spikes! My computer has an i7 processor, and I get a lot of lag spikes for some reason!

Addictive, but terrible gameplay. For starters, the text bubbles are WAY too big, you can't even see what you are doing, also, levels 2-6 are all really similar difficulty, and don't progress enough. Up to level 6 it's like this: Really easy, hard, hard, hard, hard, hard. The graphics are nice. But there is no tutorial explaining the mechanics and different guards.

The game has a lot of potential, it's just currently terrible and doesn't deserve an average rating of 4 stars.

Too much lag. And I have a good computer and a good wifi.

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Sounds freakin dope dude! I love the original, but this really stood out in a whole new light - Can't wait to hear the full version! Love to see some more 2.0 versions of your songs.

DJVI responds:

Thanks! I definitely will explore my other tracks as well :)

Love the whole thing, it progresses really nicely. Although personally, I think it would sound better without those shakers or whatever they're called. But it's still good enough for 5/5. Nice work!

IoTheEternal responds:

They were in the original as well hehe.. but eh.. personal taste :P

glad you liked it!

thanks for the review!


Damn dude this is nice. Nice melody, and from my basic understanding and hearing of mixing/mastering it sounds great on that front too. 5/5.

IoTheEternal responds:

Thanks! This was a joint effort between me and lich to master it - mainly because of the crackle which sadly we could not remove.. ohh well.

I actually toned down the high end as I have since realized ive been upping it to compensate for my high end hearing range loss, so I may have to go back into some of my other pieces and lower it to compensate..

glad you like! Many people don't know this song existed as I never submitted it on my main account hehe :P

thanks for the review!

-shawn and B0UNC3-

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I saw this as the wall art a few days ago, and wanted to say what a great image it was, but couldn't find where they moved the wall artist button to :P I don't know how it's possible to make something this freaking good. 10/10

MLeth responds:

Wohay, thank you!

Woah dude, this is amazing! How do you make stuff like this?

OrangeWedge responds:

Deep manipulation of pictures inside Adobe After Effects.
Stay tuned, many more to come in 2018!

Dude that is amazing.

I use FL20, and Serum and Massive are my main vsts, ocassionally some of the good ol' Sytrus, even though I have no idea what I'm doing with it.

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